Important ACCOUNTS Testing Needed

Hello ACCOUNTS beta testers.

The program that we create ACCOUNTS with, PowerBuilder, has a significant new release, and we have created a new version of ACCOUNTS with it. Although you should see almost no changes in ACCOUNTS due to this, for us it’s a big deal, and as such, we have jumped the version number of ACCOUNTS up to 2.00.

Although we have done significant testing ourselves on this new version, the only way to be sure it will work well for everyone is to have many users test it. So PLEASE if at all possible, try it out, by downloading and installing it from the page:

Unlike most beta test updates that we put on this page, this one needs to be done with a full installation program, which means you need to know whether you are running the Standalone, Network Server or Network Client version, and download and install that version from this page. If you aren’t sure which version you are running on this computer, use the Help -> About ACCOUNTS menu option in your current installation of ACCOUNTS to find out.

If you encounter any issues that you think may be new problems, please inform us of them as soon as possible, and we will fix them as quickly as possible. If something is a real problem for you and we do not think we will be able to fix it quickly, you can always revert to the existing version 1.42, built with the older version of PowerBuilder, by downloading and installing from the normal DOWNLOAD page:

As always, you can send us your experiences by replying to this blog post online, or by directly emailing us. In this unusual case, it would be good to hear from you even if you try this and don’t observe any problems, just so we can have some notion of how many of you have tried it.

If you are also using our DONATION program for tracking donors and donations and issuing charitable receipts, there was already a similar beta test release of the new version of it a few days ago. Only one tiny bug was found so far, which has been fixed.

Many thanks.

Fund Income Statements by Months/Quarters

Hello ACCOUNTS beta testers and advisors.

First, can I ask again for any feedback on my recent previous post,, about the design of the new Custom Reporting feature for ACCOUNTS? We’d really like to be sure we’re on the right track, and haven’t missed anything crucial, before completing the first version of that feature.

This post though is about some new reports and features of existing reports, that you can try out in version 1.41 Beta1, available from the page

The new reports are Reports ⇒ Fund ⇒ Income Statement by Months and Income Statement by Quarters, that are like the same-named Reports ⇒ Summary reports, except split out by fund, with a summary section showing the change in fund balances for the entire reporting period. This is something some users had been asking for.

The improvement is that Reports ⇒ Summary ⇒ Income Statement by Months and Income Statement by Quarters both now also prompt for an “Include” setting to determine the levels of accounts and sub-accounts to be included in the report, like many other reports do, but those ones didn’t.

If you could give that a try and let us know what you think, especially including any problems you observe with those reports, it would be much appreciated. As always, you can reply with a comment on the blog, or by replying directly by email.

ACCOUNTS Recurring Transactions Testing

Hello ACCOUNTS beta testers. We have a significant new feature available in the beta test version at, and it would be great if you could test it!

The feature is recurring transactions, which some users have been asking for, for quite a while. As you will recall, we did a survey about it a while ago, and the results were that every option we asked about for how recurring transactions could be set up was needed by at least some users. As a result, there are a lot of options, and a lot of complexity to the programming to make them all work properly!

You can very safely test recurring transactions by memorizing some transactions (if you don’t already have them memorized), and making them recurring in the new Maintenance -> Recurring Transactions menu option’s window. If you set them up for immediate recurrence, when you exit ACCOUNTS and start it up again, any that are due to recur will be shown to you, and automatically inserted (or prompted for, if you chose that option). If you were doing that just for testing, just go into the register window for the account the transactions were inserted into, and delete them! And you can go back to the Recurring Transactions window to remove the recurrence if you set it up only for testing.

As always, we would greatly appreciate any feedback you have on the new features, including comments on the Help text associated with them. And as usual with significant new features, there will be a bonus of an extra 3 month’s support and upgrades renewal for the first user to find each real bug in our programming! (Of course, Kwame and I have tested things extensively, so we are hoping there are no remaining bugs!)

You can give feedback by commenting on this blog post, or just by emailing us directly. MANY THANKS!

New Software4Nonprofits Website

Hello ACCOUNTS beta testers and advisors. (If you also get the DONATION blog posts, please forgive this duplication!)

We have been working on updating our website to look good on any device, especially mobile devices like phones and tablets. It should have an appropriately adjusted display for those devices, so it’s not just squished pages as it is now. On your computer, it should look very much the same as before.

While we have been able to test the pages on a couple of different phones and tablets, obviously that testing is still limited. So we would like to invite you to please take a look at the draft version, which starts at (the caps on “NEW” are required!) . If you can, look at it with both a regular web browser on your computer, and any devices you have. Please report any problems in the display and navigation of specific pages to us, so that we can fix them.

When reporting display and navigation problems, please include:

  • the device and the screen size (if known),
  • the problem web page,
  • and the description of the problem.

If you see any typos or anything that appears to be bad writing or factual errors, we’d also love to hear about that! (Those things probably haven’t changed from the current live website.)

Please enjoy the new experience of our website on your mobile devices. As soon as we have a reasonable number of replies, we will upload this draft to be the new official site for DONATION and ACCOUNTS at the main web address.

Thank you.

ACCOUNTS New Version Testing

Hello again ACCOUNTS beta testers. I have uploaded a new beta test version, 1.36 Beta2. We would greatly appreciate it if as many of you as possible could test it out. As usual, you get it from:

There are a lot of small improvements in it, including:

  • Major speedup in loading Register windows with lots of transactions in them
  • Email Sending Configuration working better with Gmail addresses
  • several other small feature improvements and bug fixes, all of which are listed on that pretest.htm page, and the Revision History in the program’s Help.

However, the biggest change from our perspective (which you should really not see at all) is a significant re-organization of the program’s code so that a lot of pieces of it can be shared with our DONATION program (used for tracking donors and donations and issuing charitable receipts). If we have done this correctly, you won’t see a single difference from it, but if we missed something, some features could fail to work.

Of course, both Kwame and I have carefully tested pretty much every feature in the program, but we know from experience that the more different people test things, the more likely problems are to be caught, because someone else will just try something in a slightly different way than we thought of trying it.

As always, if you encounter any problems report them to us ASAP and we will fix them and get a fix back to you ASAP as well.

Thank you very much in advance.

ACCOUNTS Cloud Storage Technical Details

For those of you who have subscribed to the ACCOUNTS blog but not the DONATION blog, we just posted a blog for DONATION that also applies to you. It’s about the technical details of our proposed “cloud storage feature”, that we are doing rather than creating a true web-based version. If you are interested, you can read it and comment on it at:

Thank you.

Account Selection, Take 2

OK, I am trying something different, that simplifies selection by name. The change is only in the register window so far, but I want to know what you all think of it, to see whether I should keep the change (and if so, make the same change pretty much everywhere you can select an account).

This is the change:

In register windows, when you move into the field for the account (in the register itself, not the register splits window), the drop-down immediately drops down. And if you press a letter key, for the first letter of an account name, it immediately re-sorts the list alphabetically, so that you see accounts in order that start with that letter, making it easier to select them if the first match wasn’t the one you wanted. (If you don’t press a letter key, the accounts are still in chart of accounts order.)

If you have time and interest, please try this out from, and let me know what you think. (And if you don’t have time, but have a comment on the idea, that’s OK too!)


ACCOUNTS Final Pre-Release

Hopefully, that is!

I have released version 0.99, which you can now get from the regular Tools -> Check for Updates menu option, or the DOWNLOAD page on the ACCOUNTS website, at

Significant changes in versions 0.98 and 0.99 include:

  • “Prettied up” a lot of the reports (especially fixing some significant ugliness on reports like Income Statements and Balance Sheets, if you have chosen to display account numbers along with the names).
  • Restricted the assignment of (and reporting on) government form lines to accounts that you can post transactions to (ones with no sub-accounts).
  • Added a message about being printed from an evaluation version to the bottom of each report, until you have a license key.
  • Changed the Country/Language drop-down in the Organization Info window to be just Country, as I wasn’t doing anything with language distinctions.
  • A bunch of bug fixes!

As always, feedback would be welcome. If nothing major comes up, I plan to upload this as version 1.00 tomorrow, and then send the email announcing the release to all registered DONATION users on Thursday (November 1st).

Thank you.

ACCOUNTS version 0.94

Getting closer and closer to version 1.0!

This version has a bunch of bug fixes, and various small feature improvements, like warning if you are about to record a duplicate cheque number. (And depending on how recently you last upgraded, you will see various other changes from other recent versions.)

Thanks in advance for any comments, testing etc. of the new stuff.

Just a little over a week until the release date! I’ve been working on the website, setting everything up to be ready to go live. Most of it is already the way I want it to be (including noting a 50% discount on the program’s Full License price until Jan 31, 2013), so if you want to take a look at that and give me any comments, that would be great too. It’s at


ACCOUNTS new main window

OK, we’re getting there!

Thanks to prodding from one advisor, and your responses to recent blog posts, ACCOUNTS has a brand new main window, with quick links to the most commonly used features, and three new single-purpose data entry windows:

– Write Cheques
– Enter Deposits
– Credit Card Charges

I also re-organized the menu structure, putting most of the financial transaction stuff under a new Actions menu.

I’m hoping that except for bug fixes and tweaking, this will be virtually the last beta version before the official November 1st release date.

So please try this out and let me know what you think, positive or negative. (I have also hired two programmers to do some testing, but neither of them are church/charity people, or bookkeepers, though one did write a General Ledger system himself.) So your testing is the most important!

As usual, you can upgrade via Tools -> Check for Updates in the program, or from . And also as usual, you can respond by commenting on this post, or directly by email.

Now I have to get busy with everything else required for the release – finalizing the web site, working more on the installation program, etc.