Fund Income Statements by Months/Quarters

Hello ACCOUNTS beta testers and advisors.

First, can I ask again for any feedback on my recent previous post,, about the design of the new Custom Reporting feature for ACCOUNTS? We’d really like to be sure we’re on the right track, and haven’t missed anything crucial, before completing the first version of that feature.

This post though is about some new reports and features of existing reports, that you can try out in version 1.41 Beta1, available from the page

The new reports are Reports ⇒ Fund ⇒ Income Statement by Months and Income Statement by Quarters, that are like the same-named Reports ⇒ Summary reports, except split out by fund, with a summary section showing the change in fund balances for the entire reporting period. This is something some users had been asking for.

The improvement is that Reports ⇒ Summary ⇒ Income Statement by Months and Income Statement by Quarters both now also prompt for an “Include” setting to determine the levels of accounts and sub-accounts to be included in the report, like many other reports do, but those ones didn’t.

If you could give that a try and let us know what you think, especially including any problems you observe with those reports, it would be much appreciated. As always, you can reply with a comment on the blog, or by replying directly by email.

2 thoughts on “Fund Income Statements by Months/Quarters

  1. Hi Dan,

    The selection of account detail is a nice feature. I’m really looking forward to the new Custom Reporting you posted about earlier. That seems like it will be very useful and the design looks like it will do what we want. I especially appreciate the ability to name the report and for the column headings to have names (eg “February”, “March”, “YTD”, “Budget”).

    One issue I have on some of the reports is that the totals are not always “decimal aligned” with the amounts above. I understand that this may be intentional (but maybe not?). I think it makes the reports harder to read, and takes up more space for the columns. It seems unnecessary since the totals are already separated by the horizontal line and grand totals are in bold. This misalignment does not happen on all of the reports/modes. It would be nice to have this as a global preference setting.

    • Thanks Mike. The indenting of the data at different account levels in existing reports is I think copied from Quicken or QuickBooks. However, you can eliminate that with an option in Maintenance -> Main Window Options.
      Good suggestion about allowing for naming the columns in Custom Reports.

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