ACCOUNTS New Version Testing

Hello again ACCOUNTS beta testers. I have uploaded a new beta test version, 1.36 Beta2. We would greatly appreciate it if as many of you as possible could test it out. As usual, you get it from:

There are a lot of small improvements in it, including:

  • Major speedup in loading Register windows with lots of transactions in them
  • Email Sending Configuration working better with Gmail addresses
  • several other small feature improvements and bug fixes, all of which are listed on that pretest.htm page, and the Revision History in the program’s Help.

However, the biggest change from our perspective (which you should really not see at all) is a significant re-organization of the program’s code so that a lot of pieces of it can be shared with our DONATION program (used for tracking donors and donations and issuing charitable receipts). If we have done this correctly, you won’t see a single difference from it, but if we missed something, some features could fail to work.

Of course, both Kwame and I have carefully tested pretty much every feature in the program, but we know from experience that the more different people test things, the more likely problems are to be caught, because someone else will just try something in a slightly different way than we thought of trying it.

As always, if you encounter any problems report them to us ASAP and we will fix them and get a fix back to you ASAP as well.

Thank you very much in advance.

5 thoughts on “ACCOUNTS New Version Testing

  1. Hi Dan,

    I just downloaded the new beta version and my password is not working. Is there a special password for this?


    • I am so sorry Robert, that was something that got broken in the merging of common code between ACCOUNTS and DONATION. I have just uploaded another version that puts the password stuff back the way it should be for ACCOUNTS.

  2. Dan, I’ve started using the beta version of ACCOUNTS a few days ago and upon entering a new bill, I encountered an issue. I used to be able to simply tab from the Bill Date to the Due Date and then hit either the ‘+’ key or ‘-‘ key to move either direction from today’s date. However, in this version the default date for Due Date is blank and hitting either the plus or minus sign does nothing. Clicking in the field to enter a date throws a message, “Please enter a valid date in your Short Date format specified in Control Panel.” I can pick a date from the calendar pop-up tool, but I didn’t used to have to do that. I’d like the original functionality returned.


    • Thank you for finding this problem, Drew. Most of that behaviour is actually unchanged (and you can get today’s date up in the beta version by pressing T for Today) but I will definitely fix it for the official release (which may be later today).

    • Hi again Drew. Just to confirm, I did release the official version 1.36 today, with this problem fixed. You should be able to upgrade to it with Tools -> Check for Updates.

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