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Hello again ACCOUNTS advisors. I’m finally addressing an issue that someone brought up some months back, which is about entering reference numbers (also known as transaction numbers) for transactions that aren’t composed solely of digits, for instance “A1234”, for non-cheque transactions.

Currently the Register window allows such reference/transaction numbers, but warns you that if the transaction is a cheque, this will be a problem. (That message also states “you seem to be entering a cheque” regardless of what transaction type you entered, which seems clearly incorrect.)

In the Write Cheques window, however, although you can change the transaction type, only numeric reference/transaction numbers are allowed to be entered and saved. That needs to be fixed, so that other types of transactions that have non-numeric reference numbers can also be entered on that window.

So far so good. The problem comes in what do about the warning messages. I think it’s clear that if the entered transaction type is definitely for a cheque, and the transaction number is non-numeric, there should be a warning and confirmation question as there is now on the Register window. The transaction types that I’m clear indicate it’s a cheque are CHECK, CHEQUE, CHK, and CHQ. Any others? (I’m wondering about French and Spanish versions. Google Translate says the French is chèque and Spanish is cheque, so that’s pretty simple!)

Perhaps if the transaction type includes “CH” anywhere, or is empty, the warning should say something like “It appears that this might be a cheque …”.

And if the transaction type is anything else that doesn’t include “CH”, there would never be a warning about non-numeric reference/transaction numbers.

Make sense? Any other thoughts? Thanks.

2 thoughts on “ACCOUNTS non-numeric reference #s

  1. Hello Dan
    It will be great to have this changed. However, unless the item type (cheque, EFT, etc) is entered first, how will the program know to ignore the non-numeric entry? I have been training someone else to use the program and they seem to look for the item type first.

    • In the Register, you enter the Number before the Type, but in Write Cheques, you enter the type first, then the “Cheque #”, if you are following the tab order. In any case, I plan for this validation to be done only when you try to save a transaction, not as you click through the fields. So I don’t think that will be a problem. Thanks.

      I’m also thinking that in Write Cheques, “Cheque #” should change to “Ref. #” if the Transaction Type doesn’t imply it’s a cheque.

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