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Hello again ACCOUNTS advisors. Long time no communicate!

Someone has raised a question about memos on transactions. He was concerned when memos he entered on transactions (such as say a direct purchase entered on a bank account register window) didn’t show up with the counter account’s details for that transactions in a report such as Reports -> Details -> Transactions by Account.

The reason for this is that memos are attached to splits lines in transactions, not the transaction itself. Each transaction includes at least two splits (a debit and a credit, technically). With a purchase entered on a bank account’s register window, the memo you enter on the register window itself gets associated with the split line for the bank account (the credit), but no memo gets associated with the expense account you enter (the debit). You can fix that, by opening up the splits window and entering a memo there, but obviously that is extra effort.

The reason I designed it this way is that I think expecially for complex transactions with multiple splits, you might want a different memo on each split line, to better explain that particular line. (Plus, other programs seemed to do it that way too.)

The user who brought this to my attention has made a suggestion, which I’m considering, and want your opinions on. The suggestion is that when you enter what is apparently an overall memo for the transaction (because it is the one entered directly on the register window, or on a special purpose data entry window like Write Cheques, Enter Deposits etc.), but you don’t enter other memos for the counter account(s) / splits, that memo should get automatically copied to the other splits lines of the transaction.

I see this happening at the point that you choose to save any such transaction. If this change was made, there would also be one-time fixup of your existing data done by the new version of the program, to make it be like that. I.e. when the first split line in a transaction (which is the one you entered on the register window etc.) has a memo, copy that memo to any other splits lines in the  same transaction that are current empty.

Your thoughts? Any drawbacks? Thanks.

6 thoughts on “Memos on Transactions

  1. I like the idea of the auto copy, providing it doesn’t override the splits if we do enter a second memo on a second line of a transaction.

  2. Yes, just to confirm, this would never override memos that you enter for splits lines. It would only fill in empty ones from the one you entered for the transaction (if any).

  3. The user’s suggestion is a good one and makes sense. I think QuickBooks does the same sort of thing

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