Indenting of Amounts in ACCOUNTS Reports

Hello again ACCOUNTS advisors.

I’ve had a user complain that she didn’t at all like the way the dollar amounts are indented in reports such as the Income Statement or Balance Sheet, to show the sub-account levels. She would have preferred all of the amounts to line up perfectly vertically. (She was fine with the indenting of the account names.)

I designed it with the indenting because I think it better allows you to see what adds up to what – everything that adds up to the same total below it is lined up, but things that add up to subtotals are indented to the left a bit.

Please let me know if you have any significant preference one way or the other for the two designs – amounts indented by sub-account level, or completely lined up. Or, if you feel it would be important to provide an option to the users to have it either of the two ways.


11 thoughts on “Indenting of Amounts in ACCOUNTS Reports

  1. Dan,

    I complained about the indentation as being confusing a couple of months ago. But.. after using the reports some and thinking about it, I would have a VERY SLIGHT preference for leaving it as i is. It is not really a big deal to me, however. I could get used to either way.

  2. Strong preference for indenting.
    I often export reports to Excel and the amounts end up in one column with only the names indented, which I find moch more difficult to visualize and keep track of where I am.

  3. I like the indenting to the left. It really helps the totlls to stand out. However, one addition I would like is for all the primary accounts (those w/o sub accounta) also be in bold type.

    • Neal, the concern I have about this is that if you have multiple levels of accounts, it might indeed make the reports look better. But what about for those users who create a very simple chart of accounts, with only top-level accounts, no sub-accounts or sub-sub-accounts at all? Then everything would be bold!

  4. Hi everyone,

    I’m the person who complained about the indentation of the dollar amounts. I don’t want to make a big deal out of the formatting, because I have found ACCOUNTS to be a great product and very user friendly. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but when I export my Balance sheet and Income Statements to Excel there are double lines and the dollars are in merged cells. When I remove the merge the entire spreadsheet gets thrown out of whack. I’m not sure if the indentation creates the problem or if there’s something I should do before click “Save as” from ACCOUNTS. It is taking me a considerable amount of time to reformat the Financial Statements to a more presentable format. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Phyllis Rhodes

  5. Dan,

    Weighing in … I personally would prefer the demarcation that your indentation provides.

    David Cornish

  6. OK, thanks everyone. I can see that most of you prefer the indentation of the amounts. However, since Phyllis feels so strongly about it, others in the future may agree with her. So I’m in the process of adding an option to Maintenance -> Main Options, to do it either way.

  7. I have made that change (to provide an option to not indent amounts), and uploaded a beta-test version if anyone wants to check it out.

    You can get it from

    You turn on the option for no indenting of amounts in Maintenance -> Main Options.

    If you do try this out, let me know what you think. (Not about whether you would switch to it, which clearly most of you wouldn’t, but about whether it seems to work OK, and to confirm that I haven’t broken anything if you don’t turn on that new option!). Thanks.

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