ACCOUNTS version 1.04 testing – Memorized Transactions

Hello again ACCOUNTS beta testers and advisors.

I am preparing to release version 1.04 of ACCOUNTS, which has a number of fixes and improvements. The most relevant changes since version 1.02c (the last announced release) are:

  • Added Memorized Transactions capabilites in the register windows, through right-click menu options. You can memorize everything except bills and bill payments entered with the special features for Enter Bills and Pay Bills, and your Opening Balances transaction.
  • Added the Database -> Delete All Transactions menu option (for optional use after initial testing).
  • Added Reports -> Details -> Transactions by Payee / Description.
  • Added right-click menu options in the register for Edit Bill and Edit Bill Payment.
  • Added a “Name for Cheques” field in the Vendor details, which is what gets printed on cheques if it is present and different from the Vendor’s Name field.
  • Journal Entries and Opening Balances transactions displayed on a register window are now basically non-editable, except with the right-click menu options are Ctrl+E.

If those of you with a bit of time and the interest could try this version out and let me know what you think (positive or negative!) about the changes and your testing experience, it would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully ensure that the official version I will release to all users will be as bug-free and well-designed as possible.

You can get this beta test version, as usual, from

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “ACCOUNTS version 1.04 testing – Memorized Transactions

  1. I just posted up version 1.04 Beta2, with the following further improvements:

    • When you are printing cheques, the memo line is now filled in with “Acct #” followed by the vendor’s Account Number, if this is a cheque to a vendor that has that field filled in. Otherwise, the Memo field from the transaction is used (as it was in prior versions).

    • When you are paying bills, if the bill (or first bill) being paid had a Memo on it, that memo is now correctly copied to be the memo of the transaction on the Pay from Account. That means that it might be printed as a memo on the cheque for this payment, if there is no vendor Account Number, as mentioned in the previous point. (Previously, the memo from the bill was being put as the memo on the Accounts Payable account by mistake.)

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