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Hello again ACCOUNTS advisors.

Some of you may have already noticed that in the just-released version 1.02c of ACCOUNTS, I made a change to the right-click menu option “View as Journal Entry” in the register windows. If the transaction you are right-clicking over is actually a journal entry, it changes to “Edit Journal Entry”, and if the transaction is your Opening Balances transaction (entered via Actions -> Opening Balances) it changes to “Edit Opening Balances”. In both cases, if you pick that menu option you get to actually edit and save changes, not just view a non-journal entry transaction as if it were one.

I think that change is obviously good. My first question after that, then, is whether with this now made available, both journal entries and opening balances transactions should become non-editable in the register. To me, that makes a fair bit of sense, because many of them won’t be editable in effect anyways, because they may include both fund accounts and non-fund accounts, and you cannot save changes to any transaction like that in the register. (The Number field would be left editable, as with Bill and Bill Payment transactions in the register, because for technical reasons if there is no editable field at all in a row, you can’t click into it or even right-click in it to pop up the menu!)

I think that I should also add an additional right-click menu option “Edit Bill” when you right-click on a register transaction that is a Bill, or “Edit Bill Payment” for a bill payment. (This would save having to go and find those transactions in the Bill List or Bill Payment List windows, if an edit was required.) Do you agree?

The final question, which I am less clear on, is whether for transactions that appear to be cheques, deposits, or credit card charges (in a register for a Credit Card account), I should add a right-click menu option for “Edit as Cheque”, “Edit as Deposit”, or “Edit as Credit Card Charge”. It makes sense at first look, but on the other hand, there is really nothing gained by doing that – all of the same fields are available for editing those types of transactions in either the register, or the register splits window, and with basically the same field names. And it’s not as if the presentation is in any way significantly different (as when editing a journal entry or opening balances transaction, where you change to viewing things as Debits and Credits). So, do you think I should add “Edit as Cheque” etc.?

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

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  1. I don’t know how difficult it would be, but have had some programs that had an option in the administrator’s area to “lock” transactions through a specified date. It was possible to go back and edit that date, but it did help avoid inadvertent errors. Especially helpful if more than one person has access to the program.
    I would be concerned with an option to change credit card transactions as I would assume they have already been processed through the credit card company.
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    • Beth, your first suggestion is on my work list. It is not at the top of my priorities – the next major feature will be memorized transactions.

      You can currently always change any transaction in the program, whether through the register window or another window. It is up to you to be careful about that. (And the Audit Trail report allows you to track changes to previously-entered transactions.) Of course, when I do the “lock transactions before a specified date” feature, you would have to provide a password to edit earlier transactions before the lock date. (That’s how it works in QuickBooks – you can still make changes, but only after entering the password.)

      So anyways, my proposal about new right-click options in the register window for “Edit Credit Card Charge” etc. wouldn’t give you any new ability to edit such transactions, because you can already edit them on the register. All it does is for instance let you redisplay a credit card charge transaction on the Credit Card Charges window and edit it there, rather than directly in the register. (Which gives you no new capability whatsoever, which is why I question whether there is a benefit to adding that.)

  2. The first sounds logical and useful.
    The last – sorry I have no idea except that all you say about it sounds reasonable.
    Your response to Beth is clear, iluminates, and makes sense.

  3. Dan, I agree with the first two changes, but do not think the third suggestion is worth the trouble. Sometimes, the more options you give someone to edit or change things just leads to confusion. I like programs which are more demanding in that you must follow certain steps. Thanks, Neal Carter

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  4. Hi Dan

    Would you mind emailing me an invoice ?? so that I can send you a cheque for the software for 2013.

    thanks again, and Merry Christmas


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