Important ACCOUNTS Reports Update

Hello again ACCOUNTS beta testers and advisors.

A few days ago, a user testing ACCOUNTS helped me discover that many of the reports had subtle but rather unfortunate problems They could display extra lines with names of accounts (but no dollar figures) that did not belong on them. And they could fail to display header lines for parent accounts of sub-accounts (or sub-sub-accounts) that were displayed with dollar figures, when those headers should have been displayed.

This applies to the Income Statement, Income Statement Yr/Yr Comparison, Balance Sheet, Budget Comparison, Fund Income Statement and Trial Balance reports. I feel terrible that these errors were not found in the testing process. (The good news is that all accounts with actual dollar figures that were there were correct, and all of them that ought to be there were there, and the totals were all correct!)

There were also a couple of other minor issues with the Trial Balance reports – $0 could sometimes be displayed in a Credit column when there was a real value in the Debit column, or vice versa. And some funds that had no direct transactions (or transactions on linked income or expense accounts) could appear with $0 balances, when this report is supposed to omit any accounts that have no data whatsoever.

This is all fixed now (in version 1.02 Beta2), and I will release it and announce it by email as an official version to everyone who has registered ACCOUNTS tomorrow or Tuesday. If those of you with a bit of time you could check it out first, to make sure nobody sees anything that still isn’t fixed properly, that would be greatly appreciated. You get it from

The other significant changes are following from the two recent posts on account selection, and other user’s further suggestions:

  • Changed some of the behaviour of most fields for selecting an account (unless there are usually only a few options, like in the top part of the Write Cheques, Enter Deposits, Credit Card Charges or Enter Bills windows). First, the fields now drop down their lists automatically, as soon as you Tab or click into them. Second, if you press a letter, it immediately goes to the first account that starts with that letter (as it did before) but it also re-sorts the list in alphabetical order, to make it easier to see and select other accounts that start with that letter. If you press Backspace after that, or Tab out of the field, the list is returned to chart of accounts order.
  • In the Enter Deposits window, when the Account drop-down is first displayed for an Account field that current has no value in it, the list is scrolled to show the first Income account for you.
  • In the Write Cheques, Credit Card Charges and Enter Bills windows, when the Account drop-down is first displayed for an Account field that current has no value in it, the list is scrolled to show the first Expense account for you.

Thank you in advance for any testing results you can share with me!

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  1. Chart of Accounts (from Sample), “5300 Fess for Services (non-employees)” should “Fess” be “Fees”?

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