Comments on draft ACCOUNTS announcement?

Hello again ACCOUNTS advisors.

I have drafted an email announcement of the official release of version 1.00 of ACCOUNTS, to be sent out tomorrow morning (Thursday November 1st). It is at

If you have any suggestions for improvements to this draft, they would be most welcome. It’s a tricky balance between too much and too little detail.

Many thanks!

5 thoughts on “Comments on draft ACCOUNTS announcement?

  1. I agree with Lis. Clear, Precise.
    [in fact, reading that proposed email has cleared up a bit of fuzz in my mind. My challenge now is setting up the Funds. I can’t see importing QuickBooks because ours is not set up for funds – when I do the T3010 I have to grab data from different areas. I’ve got my work cut out for me – a little financial training would be nice to have in my back pocket at this time]

    • Bob, ACCOUNTS doesn’t import transactions, only charts of accounts. (QuickBooks doesn’t even let you export transactions!) So it may well still be worth starting by importing your QB chart of accounts, then adjusting it to work right in ACCOUNTS.

  2. FYI everyone I was lucky enough to have a friend who’s a professional editor give me a bunch of good suggestions, I just uploaded a new draft with most of her suggested changes made.

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