ACCOUNTS Final Pre-Release

Hopefully, that is!

I have released version 0.99, which you can now get from the regular Tools -> Check for Updates menu option, or the DOWNLOAD page on the ACCOUNTS website, at

Significant changes in versions 0.98 and 0.99 include:

  • “Prettied up” a lot of the reports (especially fixing some significant ugliness on reports like Income Statements and Balance Sheets, if you have chosen to display account numbers along with the names).
  • Restricted the assignment of (and reporting on) government form lines to accounts that you can post transactions to (ones with no sub-accounts).
  • Added a message about being printed from an evaluation version to the bottom of each report, until you have a license key.
  • Changed the Country/Language drop-down in the Organization Info window to be just Country, as I wasn’t doing anything with language distinctions.
  • A bunch of bug fixes!

As always, feedback would be welcome. If nothing major comes up, I plan to upload this as version 1.00 tomorrow, and then send the email announcing the release to all registered DONATION users on Thursday (November 1st).

Thank you.