So would you switch to ACCOUNTS?

So with the official release coming up in less than a week, I’m wondering how many of you are thinking that ACCOUNTS is something you would actually switch to in its present form, from whatever you are using now.

If so, why? If not, why not? If you’re not sure, what are the considerations that are relevant to your decision?

(There are no wrong answers!)

Also, what is it that you are using now, that you either would or would not switch from?

Many thanks!

11 thoughts on “So would you switch to ACCOUNTS?

  1. I am going to see if I can switch over some of my organizations from Quickbooks. Quickbooks is not user friendly and not for use by non-accountants. Most of the non-profits and churches I work with don’t have professional accountants to do their books and in turn get into financial difficulties when they use Quickbooks. The users get so over-whelmed by the complexities of Quickbooks. So I am looking to switch the users over to something simple that they can understand.

  2. We are currently using Simply accounting. We have years of data with no apparent way easy way to transfer it. It will take time. I will install it and have the our secretary work with it to determine the amount of effort involved. I would love to have a package that handles both the giving details and the rest of accounting including payroll. Simply accounting (becoming SA 50) is more than required in some ways but does the accounting. Also we have our books reviewed (not officially audited) by an accounting firm. I need to talk to them about how we would interface. Today we send them an “accountants copy” of SA data base. The price comparison also works against SA.

    Gerd Heinrichs

    • Gerd, I think the only realistic way to start on a new accounting program is by entering opening balances (and perhaps outstanding bills?) for the year-end, and going on from there. Keep the old program to look up old data.
      My recommended Canadian payroll system is free for up to 5 employees.
      Your accountants could install ACCOUNTS for free, and you could send them a backup database, just like using DONATION at home and work.
      Why do you say the price comparison to SA works against ACCOUNTS? Their base cost is higher (though often discounted) but if you add in support, it’s a lot more!
      In any case, thanks for these thoughts.

  3. Hi Dan,

    I certainly would consider it!

    The program works well, however, I would like to see some more options for printing cheques. Perhaps an option to easily adjust the layout of the cheque information and saving the format, before printing.

    Other than that, it looks great and I’m looking forward to purchasing the software! J



  4. I do expect to make the switch from QuickBooks.
    I am not an accountant (retired electronics technologist), but have figured QB out pretty well.
    QuickBooks is not designed for church/non-profit. I use a small fraction of its functionality.
    Every couple years it’s obsolete and they want $200-$300 to upgrade. I did that in 2008 from the 2006 version and, on our slow pc, it slowed incredibly – the same jobs (startup, backup, etc) went from seconds to minutes.
    Payroll – I refuse to spend over $30 a month to have someone else take over the payroll for no more than 3 employees. It is a simple process to design a workbook to do the math and track payroll deductions. With Accounts it appears I just need to do a bit of math and plug in the numbers. It isn’t that simple in QuickBooks.
    Looking forward to getting into it.

    • Sounds great, Bob. Don’t forget that you can check out the PaymentEvolution online payroll system, which is free for up to 5 employees, and will be able to export transactions for importing into ACCOUNTS.

  5. Hi Dan, Yes we will consider switching for the church (McDougal Chapel) but I haven’t had time to really take a good look at the program yet so I will as soon as I can and let you know. Thanks.

    As far as Camp Caroline goes the same is true and we will be looking at it. Thanks again for doing this!


  6. I will certainly switch from the spread-sheet that I created.
    Have you decided on a price ?
    Have you thought about a package price for Donation& Accounts ?
    Keep up the great work

    • Thanks, Doug. The price is $120 for a full license, which includes support and upgrades for one year. But until Jan 31, 2013, there is an “Early Bird Discount” – 50% off, so $60.
      No, I’m not going to bundle them. Each is purchased from a more or less separate website, and it’s just easier for me to track each one individually.

  7. Hi Dan, I’m not sure that our church will be interested in switching. We are currently just using an Excel spreadsheet, which works fine for what we do. I have tried to convince our treasurer/his wife, that we need to get a check writing package instead of me having to hand write all our checks. It is time consuming, and even though we only have a minimum amount of checks each week, it slows me down, and is not very professional looking. Our treasurer is old fashioned, and doesn’t take to change easily. I really haven’t had time to look into the program, but I would like to, and when and if I do, I will get back with you.
    Donna G

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