ACCOUNTS version 0.94

Getting closer and closer to version 1.0!

This version has a bunch of bug fixes, and various small feature improvements, like warning if you are about to record a duplicate cheque number. (And depending on how recently you last upgraded, you will see various other changes from other recent versions.)

Thanks in advance for any comments, testing etc. of the new stuff.

Just a little over a week until the release date! I’ve been working on the website, setting everything up to be ready to go live. Most of it is already the way I want it to be (including noting a 50% discount on the program’s Full License price until Jan 31, 2013), so if you want to take a look at that and give me any comments, that would be great too. It’s at


4 thoughts on “ACCOUNTS version 0.94

  1. The link in email went me to the DONATIONS page. and I saw no link to ACCOUNTS on that page.

  2. even when I add /accounts to the link I just see Donations program – even clicking Home…

  3. Dan, i don’t understand what i’m doing wrong. I can’t find the accounts version anywhere. I’d like to download and test your latest version but when i click on your link below it takes me to Donations.

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