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Hello again ACCOUNTS advisors.

So, I’ve been having a dialog with a very experienced user, who worries that there is too much room for error (especially by amateur bookkeepers, who I expect to be the majority of my users) with most data entry being done on the register windows. People could too easily put transactions in the wrong account’s register, etc.

His recommendation is that instead the main window just have a series of links to much more controlled features, like Write Cheque, Enter Deposit, Enter Bill, Pay Bill, etc. Each would be a special-purpose data entry screen (like the ones I have already done for Enter Bill and Pay Bill). This is much like QuickBooks.

I’m wondering what you all think about this. I can see the benefit of it, but I also know that there is no way to cover every transaction that could likely take place with custom screens like this.

So, in my humble opinion there always has to be access to the register windows for all of the Asset, Liability and Fund accounts, as there is now. I also think those windows are extremely helpful to the users, for seeing all of the activity in an account, in date order.

And if the main window didn’t contain a list of all accounts, with the buttons for Use Register and Reconcile, I’m not sure where the Reconcile link ought to be. (I guess it could be another of the tools on the main window.)

Given my firm decision to launch the program on November 1st, I’m not saying I could achieve a big change like this (if you all preferred it to the current design) by then. But it could be part of a “Coming Soon” list of features. (On the other hand, I would prefer that the main window’s functions not have a major change after the official release, if I can avoid it!)

Also, if you do think I should make a change like this, what, if anything, do you think would need to be the links on the main window beyond the ones I’ve already mentioned: Write Cheque, Enter Deposit, Enter Bill, Pay Bill, Use Register, and Reconcile?

Comments? Thanks.

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  1. I definitely agree. In fact, I personally posted erroneously and had to go back and make corrections from one account to another.
    I would use the following front page links:
    General Ledger
    Journal Entry
    Post Deposit or Receivables
    Post Payable or Payables
    Pay Vendor
    Print Checks (could be optionally under Pay Vendor which would ultimately create 9 buttons on the front page)
    Tools (include Help)

    The receipts and payables would probably need an account pull-down.

    I personally think a form entry is easier than a register layout, but I can “live with” the register.

    The other concern I have is the Transactions Details is what I would refer to as a General Journal (date oriented) with double entry detail, but I don’t find a General Ledger that includes all register transactions assigned to the Chart of Accounts in chronological order.

    Another minor annoyance – I’m still getting blank pages on every other page on reports.

    Thank you!
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  2. Dan,

    As you and I have previously discussed.. I prefer the simpler interface that you are proposing. It also gives it some “sex appeal” that is present in your competitor’s products.

  3. Hi Dan,
    I totally agree with the main page having the links to the transactions types. As you said it would be very similar to Quick Books which most users are familiar with.
    I would suggest an on line tutorial that would walk through the set up when downloading this program.
    I may have missed this if it is already implemented.

    • Linda, I certainly plan to have some video tutorials, as I do for DONATION, but they are actually quite time-consuming to create, so I rather doubt I can get that done, given that it seems I also need to create several new data entry screens and a new main window, by the release date of November 1st.

  4. I think that’s actually good advice – (the menu items as the entry point) – but the original method should still exist as well. Different people have different preferences, and having alternate ways of accessing the features is worth while.
    Beth Teeter’s list looks good to me.

  5. I think it is fine the way it is. Moneycounts did it that way & even Quickbooks allows registry entries

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  6. I prefer to have dedicated data entry screens, but they shouldn’t have to be too specific. There are only a few basic moves. This comment is vague because I don’t have time to investigate and put more thought into it. God bless…

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