14 thoughts on “New Home Page

  1. Hi Dan
    I like most of the page but feel the Dual Line of Quick Links creates a visual double take. At first glance it looks like a duplication and double vision. Then you read carefully to see there is a difference. Personally I think the “LEARN MORE” button is the quick link and is all you really need on the home Splash Screen.

  2. I like it Dan. I must say that the double lines at the bottom are all bit confusing, but other then that it looks great.

  3. Dan,

    The web page an associated links look really good to me. Very clear anid easy to understand.

    Although not related to web page design, I don’t understand why you chose 18 mo to charge another full fee (for those who didn’t pay for support) rather than 2 years. Seems punitive and I doubt it comes up very often. May want to reconsider “just for appearances sake”..

    Very nice set of pages….


    • Thanks, David. The pricing rules (having to pay another full license fee if you haven’t renewed for over 18 months) are the same as for DONATION, and have been that way for quite a few years. It’s sort of an encouragement to keep renewing annually. I haven’t had many complaints about that. And at the start of the 18th month, I email all affected users, reminding them of this, to give them a lasts chance to renew using the annual renewal price.

  4. OK, I have uploaded a new version without the Quick Links, and I also made the words “DONATION” and “ACCOUNTS” link to the real home pages for those two programs, just like the “LEARN MORE” links.

    • I don’t think that would look good. Your cursor does change to whatever it changes to your computer to indicate a hyperlink when you hover over the name. This is just an extra way to go to the two programs – the LEARN MORE is the main way, and that’s pretty obvious I hope!

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