Accounts Payable: Vendors and Bills

Hello again ACCOUNTS beta testers.

I have just released version 0.50 (another big jump in the number!) that includes the Accounts Payable sub-system. That includes the ability to set up vendors, enter bills for later payment, and pay those bills. That was a complicated batch of work!

Vendors also now show up on the drop-down list for the Payee / Description on register windows for Asset and Liability accounts, for those who wish to just enter bill payments directly, without setting them up as payables.

As this is an important set of features, it would be great to get some feedback from some of you having tested it. Does it cover the major things you need covered? Is the “flow” OK? Any bugs?

Thanks in advance. As always, you can report back by commenting on this blog post, or directly by email.

P.S. I think the next feature will be a window for easily entering the opening balances of all accounts at once, for those who are switching from some other system. The numbers to be entered will be mostly based on a Trial Balance report from your existing system, possibly with some small adjustments based on different concepts about how fund balances are treated.