ACCOUNTS importing bank deposits from DONATION

Hello again ACCOUNTS beta testers.

Most of you will probably also have seen my blog posting to my DONATION beta testers, about the new beta version of DONATION that allows you to configure and create bank deposits, and export them to ACCOUNTS or QuickBooks. If you didn’t see it, it’s at

You will need the new version 0.31 of ACCOUNTS to try out the aspect of importing the bank deposit transaction from DONATION into ACCOUNTS. As always, you can get that via the Tools -> Check for Updates menu option, or from the Pretest page at

I see this as an importing selling feature for ACCOUNTS, although I understand that it is a bit of a complex feature, and many users may not actually choose to use it. But if you could test it out, that would be great.

As usual, you can send your comments directly on the blog, or by email. Many thanks.