ACCOUNTS importing from QB, Quicken and SA

Hello again ACCOUNTS beta testers.

I am very pleased ot announce version 0.30, which includes the ability when setting up a new database to import your chart of accounts from QuickBooks, Quicken or Simply Accounting (which is shortly being renamed to Sage 50 Canadian Edition).

If any of you have any of those programs, I would strongly appreciate it if you could try these new versions, read the Help on that importing (to learn how to export your chart of accounts from them) and then try creating new databases and importing the exported charts of accounts. The importing cannot be perfect, in any of the cases, but I need to know if you can see any ways I can make it better. (Either the process, or the results.)

The other great new feature is that the Description / Payee column in the Register windows is now a drop-down list, showing all previously-used Descriptions in that account’s register. You can also just start typing, and matches will pop up. (That’s called auto-complete – it’s the same way the Cheque # / Paid By column works in DONATION.) When I add the Accounts Payable module, where you can set up Vendors, they will also be added to that drop-down list.

I’ve bumped the version number up to 0.30 to show progress. I’m still aiming for a November 1 official release, and boy, is there a lot still to do!

Many thanks for your help, and whatever comments you can give on the features and fixes in this new version.

3 thoughts on “ACCOUNTS importing from QB, Quicken and SA

  1. Dan, I had Accounts intalled, installed 0.30. Obtained license key from you. When attempting import from Simply Accounting I think I had to create new database (therefore slight change in org name). Import went well with a number of warnings. Tried to apply the previously obtained license key – not accepted due to org name change. Went back to change org name, then reapplied license key. It was the accepted. Will test further.

    • That all sounds good, Gerd. You can actually have multiple databases with the same Organization Name – they just have to have different File Names. As you discovered, though, like DONATION, the license key is tied to the Organization Name.

      I’m most interested in what you think of the quality of the importing of the chart of accounts, the clarity of the conversion messages etc. Simply Accounting is unfortunately overall the worst one in terms of the ability to do a faithful conversion, because of its different concepts in how it organizes the hierarchy of accounts.

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