ACCOUNTS – Reconciliation Reports

Hello again ACCOUNTS beta testers.

I have now added a bank or credit card reconciliation details report, in addition to the basic reconciliation capabilities that I mentioned in my previous blog post. You can get it (verison 0.26c or later) as usual via Tools -> Check for Updates, or from the page.

If you do a reconciliation, you will be prompted for whether you want to see the report when you click Finished. You can also get at any report for any past finished reconciliation via Reports -> Banking -> Prior Reconcilation. (It prompts for an account that you have done reconciliations on, and a statement ending date that you reconciled for the selected account.)

However, you will only see reconciliations listed under that reports menu item that were finished using this new version of ACCOUNTS (0.26c or later), not the previous version that first allowed you to do reconciliations. To be able to see an earlier reconciliation on that reports menu option’s selection window, re-do the reconciliation for that account and statement ending date, and click Finished again. (You don’t have to make any other changes.)

FYI this is just one of those growing pains – I didn’t realize that I had to store some summary information about each reconciliation in the database after you had finished it, in order to be able to do that report after the fact. So it only starts saving that summary information with the new version, when you do (or re-do) a reconciliation.

I don’t know whether any of you tried out the reconciliation feature yet, but you may have noticed it has a slightly different concept than that used in Quicken or QuickBooks. Those programs prompt you for the opening statement balance and closing statement balance, and you are trying to reconcile the difference between them. ACCOUNTS, on the other hand, uses a fixed “opening balance”, which is just the total of all previously reconciled transactions on that account, in the program. So you are reconciling the difference between it and the closing statement balance that you enter. To my mind, this makes more sense, as it is a fuller reconciliation of your program’s data to your ending statement balance.

As always, if you have a chance to test any of this, please do let me know what you think, whether positive or negative! (There are some other small changes in this version as well, listed on the Pretest web page and the Revision History help page, which the program will prompt you to read after you upgrade.)

Thank you.