ACCOUNTS – Seeking Accountant Consultants

Hello ACCOUNTS advisors.

When the program launches officially, I am going to need a roster of consultants who are accountants, and know the program at least somewhat, who users can consult with accounting questions, especially if those questions have an interaction with how they use the program. (I will not be answering questions that I consider to be primarily accounting questions myself!)

If you are an accountant who works with churches and/or charities who might be interested in such a role, please email me with your name, contact information, and rates for such consultations. I may also ask for references, since I will be recommending you to other users.

If you aren’t an accountant, I’m also open to recommendations of accountants you know and work with, who you think might be interested in such a role.

I figure that I need at the very least one good consultant that I can recommend for Canada, and one for the U.S.A.


4 thoughts on “ACCOUNTS – Seeking Accountant Consultants

  1. Dan – I am not an accountant so cannot offer to be a reference. (don’t have time anyway)
    I just thought of another feature – exporting to excel. Is this something you are considering?
    (for fine-tuning of presentation, summaries etc I find this indispensable.)

    • Lis, that’s done with the Save As button in either DONATION or ACCOUNTS. (See the Help topic on “Exporting Data from the Program” in either one.) Most generic features like that, which are in DONATION, were carried over to ACCOUNTS.

  2. Hi Dan

    I would be willing to act as a consultant for a very minimal fee, and anything I received would be re-donated to PAN Missions. My address is: Box 11, Arthur, ON N0G 1A0.

    I may not be a good consultant though because I still can’t open the accounts program. I get stopped at the screen that asks for :

    ACCOUNT Password Role

    Should I have something to enter here already?

    Glad to see you are progressing quickly.



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