ACCOUNTS additional register features

Hello again ACCOUNTS beta testers. I have released version 0.22d, which improves the appearance of register windows, and adds some features to them, in particular a right-click menu that adds options for Copy Transaction, Cut Transaction, Paste Transaction, and Go to Date.

The copy, cut and paste features allow you both to make copies of prior transactions, and to move transactions between registers, e.g. if you put one into the wrong bank account or something like that. At some point in the future there will also be a memorized transactions feature, but being able to copy and paste them now serves some of the same needs.

There are some additional bug fixes, and one new report (Accountant -> Transaction Details) in version 0.22b and 0.22c, which I didn’t write to you about. You can see all of the details in the Revision History help page, that you will be prompted to review after your update.

As always, you can upgrade with Tools -> Check for Updates, or via the page. And as always, your testing and comments would be most welcome!

Thank you.