ACCOUNTS sample charts of accounts

Hello again ACCOUNTS advisors.

One of the features the program needs to have is an option to provide a user creating a new database for a new organization with a sample/starting chart of accounts. Unfortunately, I’m not at all sure what accounts should be included in such an initial list. I have seen example starting charts of accounts for a church or non-profit that QuickBooks, Simply Accounting and Money Counts can create, but none of them seem quite right (too many and complex in the first two cases, perhaps too few in the latter case).

If some of you could please send me your suggestions for what should go into a sample chart of accounts (by email) that would be great. Please make sure it is clear what type of account they are (assets, liabilities, funds/equity, income/revenue, or expenses), and which are sub-accounts of which (probably indicated most easily by indenting in a list).

I also need to know whether your suggestion is for a church, a registered charity, or a general non-profit, and whether it is for the USA or Canada.

Also, if some of your suggested accounts are for payroll, if it might not be clear, please somehow indicate which ones they are. (My thought is that when generating a starting chart of accounts, there will be an option to include or exclude accounts for payroll.)

If you think accounts should be included for tracking sales tax, and any accounts relevent to claiming any sales tax rebates available in your state or province, please include them as well.

Just to be clear, I don’t want your organization’s chart of accounts! That will be far too specific. Just a good starting minimum chart of accounts for any organization.

Many thanks!