ACCOUNTS version 0.22 – Register Windows

Hello again ACCOUNTS beta testers.

I finally have a version with chequebook-style register windows (plus popup splits windows) ready for you to test. This will be your main data-entry method in the program. These new windows behave a lot like the register windows in QuickBooks or Quicken.

It’s in version 0.22, available from

As well as looking forward to your specific testing results on the stuff that’s new in this version (which also includes one new and one improved fund report) I still very much need to hear your more general impressions about how the program is going so far, and what you think of its design, as detailed in my previous blog post, at (Only one of you responded to that post, which I have to admit is a bit discouraging.)

I need to let you know that although the new register windows are very usable, I still plan on improving their look (I find the boxes around all the fields too dark), and also adding more features to it (like selecting from lists of previous payees for cheques etc.) as time goes on.

Also, this was undoubtedly the most complex window to get right, and I had to fix a LOT of bugs before I was ready to release it to you. But there may well still be bugs – please test as carefully as you can, and let me know anything you think might be a bug! (Even if you think it might be your error, let me know what happened – you might be wrong!)

I also want to remind you once again not to think you can start using this for your organization – future beta versions may well make your current testing databases unusable, and you will have to start over. This is ONLY for testing features.

Many thanks.

2 thoughts on “ACCOUNTS version 0.22 – Register Windows

  1. Good work on the Register window, Dan. I really like its functionality. I agree with you that the borders make the window feel a bit heavy, nor does it really match with the Windows 7 button look (though not everyone will be using Windows 7).

    • Thanks, Cary. I will be working on the appearance. Not sure how much I can do about the “Windows 7 button look” because that’s a limitation of how PowerBuilder (the programming environment I use to create the DONATION and ACCOUNTS programs) displays buttons.

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