ACCOUNTS 2nd beta test – Reports

Hello again volunteer advisors and beta testers for the new Software4Nonprofits ACCOUNTS program.

I now have a second still very preliminary version ready for you to test! Thanks to all of you who tested the earlier versions, which shook out quite a few bugs.

The main addition in this program is that it now contains drafts of 5 reports: a Chart of Accounts, consolodated Income Statement and Balance Sheet (across all funds), an Income Statement broken out by fund, and a Trial Balance. (For the income statement by fund, I still have to add in sections showing the initial and final fund balances, as modified by the net income for that fund.)

I have also improved the window for adding/editing accounts, splitting the “Save” button into two: “Save and New” and “Save and Close”. This lets you more easily add multiple accounts in a row.

You can get this version from the following web page:

If you have a little bit of time, please download and install it, play with it, and let me know your reactions (good or bad), with as many details as you have time to send me!

Some warnings:

  • Don’t bother putting much data into it (i.e. don’t enter your whole chart of accounts!) because some future beta versions will not be compatible with the current database structure, and you will have to start over entering data from scratch. (Mind you, some future versions may also allow you to import your chart of accounts from existing program.)
  • There is nothing on the main window yet, only a menu, because I have not yet decided what should go there. (Ideas are welcome.)

I have also created an initial draft of a separate sub-website for the ACCOUNTS program, under Feel free to review that and give me your comments as well, understanding though that it is not by any means finished or polished!

You are still free to request a license key for any organizations/databases you set up in the program. (No payment required!) I will send you one that is good to the end of this year.

The Help for the new features (and ones adapted from DONATION) is pretty much all written, so another thing that would be very “helpful” <grin> would be any reviewing you want to do of the Help. There’s even a Help page on Accounting Concepts, that certainly needs a good review.

Many thanks!

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  1. N.B. I just uploaded version 0.21b, which improves on this 2nd beta (which was version 0.21) by adding a section at the bottom of each fund’s page(s), in the Fund Income Statement report, with the starting and ending balances in that fund for the selected period.

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