Bookkeeping Naming Survey

Hello again ACCOUNTS advisors.

There seem to be various options for what different parts of the chart accounts, and standard reports, are named for non-profits. If you could fill in the short survey at:

to let me know your naming preferences, it would be extremely helpful in the design of the program.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Bookkeeping Naming Survey

  1. One of you pointed out in a couple of comments that it’s important for the Income Statement to be only for “Operating” income, e.g. not including any restricted funds. That will definitely always be an option in the program – any report will be able to be restricted to one fund, so to get the Operating Income Statement, you would just restrict the Income Statement to the General Fund.

  2. Wow, 34 of you have answered the survey already! It’s completely clear to me from your answers that I DO need to give the users of the program options as to what to call the things I was asking about. So I build a maintenance window for that today, with the defaults being the ones you chose most frequently in the survey.

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