Bookkeeping Name Survey Results

Well, 33 of you answered my survey on the program’s name (thank you!), and the big winner out of the 5 options I presented was “ACCOUNTS”.

If you want to see the actual results (including individual comments) it’s at

I scored it by giving two points for each answer that an option was your #1 (best) choice, one point for a #2 choice, no points for a #3 (medium) choice, -1 point for a #4 choice, and -2 points for a #5 (worst) choice. Based on that scoring, ACCOUNTS got 17 points, FundBooks got 2 points, and all the rest got negative points, ranging from minus 8 to minus 25.

There were some good other suggestions, including several using the word “Easy”. I do like that, but there is a competitor out there called EZ Fund, and I don’t want to cause confusion with them (or have them threatening to sue me or anything). And I sort of like the fact that “ACCOUNTS” matches “DONATION” in a way, in being all caps, and just saying what it is you are mostly dealing with, with the program. (Of course, one is singular and one is plural, so they don’t match that way.)

So “ACCOUNTS” (or more fully, “Software4Nonprofits ACCOUNTS”) is my tentative name for the program, but I’m definitely open to further comments about this choice, which you can make by commenting on this blog post. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Bookkeeping Name Survey Results

  1. Dan – Since you seem to loke “Accounts” and “EZ Funds” is already taken, how about “EZ Account” or “Easy Accounts”?

  2. Excellent, Dan! That was exactly why I made ACCOUNTS my top choice (it matches DONATION, and also is immediately clear what it is.). – Lis

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